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VideOrganizer is an excellent tool for organizing and managing all of the movies on your hard drive so that you can have a well-ordered collection.

The program supports avi, mpeg, mpg, wmv, mvp, rmvb, flv, swf, mov, vob, mp4 and asf video formats, and it also has supports for managing movies in physical formats like DVD, Blu-Ray, and VHS.

Thanks to VideOrganizar, you can control the information on every single movie, since the program lets you include information on movies, actors and directors. You can also access an online database to fill in empty fields with official information.

In addition, the program includes a system of statistics, and advanced search option and a small integrated player, so you won't need an external application to play every movie.

VideOrganizar comes with excellent options for personalization, with its more than 70 textures.

Requires registration (free) in the service user system.


• New recommendation screen.
• New list of preselected titles.
• New search options.
• Improvements to autocomplete algorithms.
• Corrections to errors in the previous version.

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